AI for Life

AI for Life is an initiative of the Greifswald University Club (GUC) and the University of Greifswald, the University Medical Center Greifswald, the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute for Animal Health (FLI) Riems and the Karlsburg Clinic. AI for Life serves as a platform to connect research on artificial intelligence in medicine and life science. It shows the expertise for this future topic in the science region of Greifswald and thus facilitates cooperation for further projects in research and application.

Our Partners

Scientific Lead

Prof. Dr. Lars Kaderali

Prof. Kaderali uses methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning to investigate, simulate and understand biomedical processes in the computer and thus develops new methods for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of complex diseases. He is the Director of the Institute for Bioinformatics at Greifswald University Medical Centre. Statement: “Artificial intelligence is one of the key technologies of the future. At the interface between the life sciences with mathematics, computer science and statistics, there is huge potential, especially for applications that can make all our lives better. That’s what AI for Life stands for!”

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