Greifswald University Club

The Greifswald University Club e.V. is a non-profit organization which aims to link up application-oriented research in Greifswald. With AI for Life the GUC founded an initiative, which serves as a catalyst for the large potential that artificial intelligence provides for applications in life sciences. Therefore, Ai For Life strongly enhances the research and transfer in Greifswald and the area around Greifswald.

Board of the association

  • Dr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Hagemeyer (President)
  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Riedel (University of Greifswald, Vice President)
  • Dr. Stefan Seiberling (University of Greifswald, Treasurer)

Extended board of the association

  • Prof. Dr. Lars Kaderali (Universitätsmedizin Greifswald)
  • Jürgen Ramthun (EWN disposal plant for nuclear facilities GmbH)
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Weltmann (Leibniz-Institut for plasma research and technology e.V.)
  • Katja Wolter (RE Steinbeis-Research Center, institute for ressource-development)

Greifswald Research Award

The Greifswald Research Award is a central format that aims at making the protagonists and the topics at the research location more visible. Established scientists as well as entrepeneurs are awarded with the Greifswald Research Award within the category “Senior”, young scientists can win the Award of the “Junior” category. The Greifswald Buisness Award is awarded to Startup-Teams.


The workshop organized for the award winners takes place regularly for two days at Hiddensee and connects representatives from buisness and science with the award winners in order to generate new ideas, projects and collaborations.


Membership in the GUC is completely free. Members are invited annualy  to the festive award ceremony and to scientific events of the GUC. On the day of the ceremony, the annual generic meeting takes place, in which the activities of the GUC are discussed and presented.

Institutional members support the GUC with at least 1000 euros. Sponsors are the Sparkasse Vorpommern, the EWN Entsorgungswerk für Nuklearanlagen GmbH, the Leibniz-Institut für Plasmaforschung und Technologie (INP), the Stadtwerke Greifswald GmbH, the Wissenschafts + Technologiepark Nord°Ost° GmbH (Witeno).