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What is Ai For Life?

AI for Life is an initiative of the Greifswald University Club (GUC) and the University of Greifswald, the University Medical Center Greifswald, the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute for Animal Health (FLI) Riems and the Klinikum Karlsburg. AI for Life serves as a platform to connect research on artificial intelligence in medicine and life science. It shows the expertise for this future topic in the science region of Greifswald and thus facilitates cooperation for further projects in research and application.


Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kaderali, new methods are being developed and existing procedures are adapted in order to be able to address relevant biomedical questions with methods of data mining and artificial intelligence. Current projects include multiple sequence alignment, genome annotation and deep learning.


Ai For Life targets a large variety of different topics that are relevant for the future of medicine.

Current projects in radiology include the early detection of ischaemic strokes in native CT scans of the head.

Within Epidemiology  we are currently working on predicting all-cause mortality and cardiovascular endpoints.

Within Ophthalmology we are interested in automating the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy.

In Dermatology, various AI applications are being developed to support the therapy of leg ulcers.

Other Life Sciences

In the broad field of life sciences, research is conducted on processes and structures of living beings and on processes in which living beings are involved.


Currently, the Robotic Screening Laboratory of the University of Greifswald is collaborating with the Robotic Biotechnology Laboratory of the TU-Berlin. They link cross-lab machine learning and process execution in the life science sector. One example is the International Future Laboratory for AI-supported Bioprocess Development.

Other focal points from the life sciences include:

– Psychology

– Geography

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